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Web hosting has changed a lot in the last decade and is gaining lot of importance across the world. There are many innovations taking place in the hosting industry. Nowadays, the increase of online business and the development of business show that a single server is not sufficient to host a website. Indeed, many websites require various hardware components and software to run and execute. However buying these components and software will not be a good idea as it could cost substantial amount.  In this case, clustered hosting is the best solution available for the business owners.
In this type of hosting, various servers host the same site and its information allowing multiple users to easily access the information on the site without any hassles like reduction of bandwidth. The bandwidth will remain fast and quick even though multiple users access the site at the same time.
Clustered hosting is a group of servers on a network sharing the same software, applications and programs. This helps the website to utilize the unlimited resources with increases redundancy. These servers are developed in such a way that it can control itself to an extent eradicating errors and problems.  The servers in the networks are grouped together to follow the same workload and functions. The networks and servers will be on various data centers across the world, which are connected together with internet.
When particular information is updated in a website, the same changes will take place on all the servers. These servers have multiple levels of security with in-built firewalls, proxy tools and many more security features. These servers are very user friendly as they help the users to handle issues and problems easily.

These servers are very effective, even if a particular website is having heavy traffic, it will not affect the other sites on the server or network.

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Ventura RaspberryPi Cluster Hosting Solution - Part 1

Design expert Ventura explains in detail how he conceived the design solution for hosting a large RaspberryPi cluster.
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