What is Private Cloud Hosting?

Private Cloud Hosting is currently one of the hottest phrases associated with the tech world and like most people you will most likely be wondering what it is all about.  Well now it’s time to stop scratching your head as we explain what it’s all about…

Private Cloud Hosting 101

Private cloud hosting which can also be called “dedicated cloud hosting” is something quite different form the more well known types of hosting we are more familiar with – This type of cloud hosting offers so much more!

When you host within a private cloud, you effectively lease your own cloud which is not shared with anyone else and as a client of private cloud hosting, you’ll find that your organisation has much more flexibility and control over your servers.

With this level of control, your company will be able to decide upon the choice of OS, the hardware spec, managed or unmanaged services and much much more to a level of control that is just not present in regular hosting packages.

A Private Cloud Hosting environment is usually constructed to a customer specific propriety hardware specification and normally is used to provide all types of hosting or some type of hosted services to a specific group of people with access limited by a stringent firewall set up.

Private Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud Hosting

Most organisations typically choose to use dedicated or private cloud hosting services as it allows them to run their IT applications within the “cloud” bringing them all the benefits that cloud computing offers, whilst still giving them total control over their data and resources.

The Benefits of Private Cloud Hosting

As well as the benefits we’ve already touched upon, Private Cloud Computing also offers a number of other advantages:

  • Private Cloud Hosting can scale with the demands of your IT systems, increasing or decreasing service availability when needed giving your company a high degree of elasticity
  • You still retain total and complete control of your data and systems ensuring all of your information is held securely
  • You can customise your capacity and usage ensuring that tasks with a higher priority run at their peak during busy peak hours.
  • Your company will enjoy reduced IT overheads as your systems will be housed within a virtual data centre, rather than having to invest money and time in purchasing and maintaining physical servers.

Whether you choose to call it dedicated or private cloud hosting, these type of cloud services are most definitely the way forward for many companies.

Getting your company to invest in these services today can save them money, help make certain that their data remains secure and ensure that their computing resources are used effectively as well as efficiently.

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